Customer suggestion Letter Template

With the help of these sample suggestion letter formats, anyone can write a letter to their customers to give suggestions to upgrade their membership with their company or organization. In this letter, it is important to include the name of the customer, his/her home address, and the company or organization’s name.

When writing this type of letter, you should mention what to do to upgrade the membership, the list of offers the customers can get after getting this membership, and the last date of upgrading the membership.

Letter Template: 1




Name of recipient


Subject: letter of suggestion to customer

Dear sir/madam

This letter informs everyone that we have brought a fantastic offer before you at [mention your company name]. Since it’s our company’s Anniversary, we have decided to help a few selected customers to upgrade their membership with us. You are among the chosen few.

The membership offers a great deal –

[Enlist the offer list; be specific like-Discount coupons worth [mention percentage] at every purchase; free home delivery, anywhere; free shipping, and many more].

This is a great opportunity for our members, the deal you’d never want to miss! 

So hurry up! Upgrade your membership now and get some of the best perks of being a customer at [mention your company name].

Thanking you


[Sender Name]

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