Reprimand To Manager Letter templates

Are you searching for some sample letters regarding the letter of reprimand to the manager? Then you can use our below sample letters for your help. Here we have already provided some sample letters regarding a letter of reprimand to the manager.

While writing this letter, you must have to write the name of the manager, his fault, and some words to warn him about this issue.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention recipient name]

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is to inform [mention candidate name], the manager of the team [mention team project name], that I heard about your disrespectful behavior towards your teammates. I want to inform you that I am concerned about how the majority of your team thinks about you.

Many of them have given unavoidable feedback for you [be specific like- you are not friendly with them, your work is not on time, you disrespect others at the office premises]. Give your reason.

I should not be informing you, but it is your duty to behave properly with your teammates. I expect you to work properly with your team. And try to concentrate on your given project and work accordingly. You are requested to take the matter seriously and act accordingly.

In order to discuss the matter, you are requested to meet your team and solve the matter at the earliest.


[Sender Name]

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