Reprimand For Student’s Letter Templates

Sometimes the behavior of some students is not acceptable in any situation. At this time to warn them, a letter of reprimand must be needed by the institute authority. While writing this letter, they have to mention the name of the students, the details about the complaints against them, and some points to warn them about this issue. Here we have already provided some sample letters regarding this topic for your help.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention recipient name]

Dear students

This letter informs all of you that I was going through the complaint letter submitted by the students of class [mention class and section]. I want all of the class students [mention class] to know that your behavior of yours will not be accepted.

Several students have complained that you all appeared rude on the school premises. Many of them are also feeling uncomfortable with you all. Being the senior-most class doesn’t mean you will disrespect your juniors or other mates.

I should not be reminding you, but it is your duty to help your juniors being the senior-most class. I expect you to help them in every field. Kindly look into this matter and behave properly with your schoolmates.

I want to discuss this issue further with all of you. Please visit my office before school ends.


[Sender Name]

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