Reprimand For Missing Deadline Letter: 2 Template

Timeline is the key for any organization, and without maintaining it, they can’t make progress in their work. When an employee cannot complete their task as per the deadline, they have to face many problems.

If it happens again, they must write a letter of reprimand for missing the deadline. Here we have included some sample letters regarding this topic, so you can also take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


Recipient name

Job position



Subject: letter of reprimand for missing deadline

Dear (Employee name)

I am writing this letter to make you informed about your duties. I can understand that doing a job is not easy work, and I am very much aware that there are some days when you cannot handle your pressure, but an employee must meet deadlines in time. Timeline is the key, and without maintaining this key, an organization can’t progress. 

In our organization, if you will miss a deadline once or twice is tolerable. But you have missed a large number of deadlines. It is not only affecting the organization but also affecting the relationship with the creditor.

It is becoming a cause of risk for the organization. So, I hope you do not want to be the reason for everyone’s suffering in your organization. 

We have discussed the fact before also, and you have assured me that you will make over your problems. 

You are an asset to our organization, and I don’t want you to leave the organization. So, please take care of this matter. I have a staunch belief that I will get a positive response from you.  

Thanking you in anticipation,


Sender name

Job position 

Organization name


reprimand for missing deadline letter

Letter Template: 2


[Mention recipient name]

Dear sir/madam,

This letter informs you that your project manager has reported some concerns over your rude behavior. You have not been able to meet your deadlines, due to which your project manager had to speak to you.

Rather than explaining your reasons and apologizing, you behaved rudely and yelled at him. This is not the way you will bear with any of your employees.

Please change your behavior towards your co-worker; we work as a family at [mention company name]. If you have a problem with any of our employees, talk to us directly and don’t disrespect others. It is against our company rules.

Kindly look into this matter and work accordingly. I expect you to abide by the rules and be a better person in the workplace. 

If we receive any more complaints against you, we might think of terminating you from your position.


[Sender Name]

reprimand for missing deadline letter

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