Reprimand For Custodian Letter Template

If you have faced unfair and terrible behavior as a custodian of your child in any organization, you can’t tolerate it. Here you have to write a letter of reprimand to the authority of this organization about this fact.

While writing your letter, you have to mention the insensible behavior, child safety issues, and some words to warn them to correct these as soon as possible on behalf of the children.

Letter Template: 1

[Sender’s name]

[Address, zip code]




[Recipient’s name]

[Organization name]


[Address, zip code]

Sub- reprimand for the custodian.

Dear [recipient’s name],

With immense displeasure, I am writing you this letter of reprimand for the unfair and terrible experience I had as the custodian of my child, [child’s name], in your organization on [date]. That experience has made me angry, and let me tell you that I will not tolerate such behavior of yours.

It comes under your duties and responsibilities to keep a child safe and secure while [he/she] is in your custody. Your organization cannot compromise the child’s safety at any cost. In my child’s case, it just happened the opposite. My child got hurt while staying in your organization. As [his/her] parent, I cannot bear such irresponsible behavior of your organization.

We expect you to be more sensible and responsible towards your duties. What had happened to my child was unfortunate and was for the negligence of your organization. Please assure children’s safety first to avoid such a situation with anyone. If you do not do so, I will take legal action against your organization.


[Sender’s name].

reprimand for custodian letter

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