Introduction For Insurance Agent Letter Template

Letter Template: 1

[Name of the sender]

[Address of sender]



[Mention recipient name or designation]

[Address of recipient]


Dear [Recipient Name]

I would like to inform you that (mention name) she/has been appointed as a new insurance agent at our branch in (mention company name). We know that (mention name) is capable of the position as she/he had a good background and provided the experience the for (mention years) already.

Since she/he has been in the (mention previous company name) for quite so long with a (mention position), I can assure you that she/he can efficiently work for and adapt to her/his new job in the company.

With this, there might be some changes in the work in the future, but I am positive enough that these changes will give us defiantly a great success in the future. (Mention name) is qualified for the position; she/he has years of experience and has also proven her/his expertise and loyalty.

I can proudly say that she/he is an asset to our company branch and I know she/he can give us a good quality work that will surely give us success to our business.

I am hoping that these changes will make you comfortable and you all will be adjustable soon working with her/him. 


[Signature of authorized signatory]

[Designation of authorized signatory]

letter of introduction for insurance agent

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