Introduction For Immigration Letter Template

Letter Template: 1

[Full Name]

 [Mailing Address]


[Name of Embassy Official]

[Designation of recipient]

[Name of Embassy]

[Address of Embassy]

Sub: Requesting immigration

Dear [Name of Embassy Official or Sir/Madam]:

I [mention your name] would like to request that, I want to get a visa for my immigration, which will allow me to go to (mention country with city name) for my work. I got a chance in working at my on-site location in [mention city, Country].

My work starts from [mention Start Date], and the end date is [End Date]. I will be leaving [mention country name] on [Date]. I will be in [City, Country] for a total of [Number of months/year].

This opportunity is hosted by [mention your company name]. It will be a great help if you grant me a visa. This is an opportunity to enhance my career. Kindly, grant me the visa, I will be highly obliged to you. 

Thanking you

Please check the attached file for my passport details.

I am enclosing all the requested documentation with this letter. Please find the attachment. You can reach me anytime at (mention phone number) or through email (mention email address)


[Sender Name]

letter of introduction for immigration

Download Template :
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