Letter of inquiry for information- Sample Template


Recipient name

(Company/organization name)



Subject: letter of inquiry for information

Dear (Sir/Madam)

I am writing this letter to get information from you for this purpose (mentioned). 

I have heard various satisfactory news also about your (company/ organization). I heard you never make any betrayal with your customers, as customer satisfaction is your primary motive. Your (company/organization) is in top ratings; so, I am interested in your (mention, such as product, apartment, etc.).

Yesterday you published an advertisement; I went through that and found that the following pieces of information are not available. The pieces of information that I want are as follows:

1) ABC

2) DEF

3) GHI

4) JKL


I will be highly grateful if you give me the information that I needed. The information is so important to me, and you only can give me this information. I request you to provide me the brochures. I would like to know about your terms and conditions.

Kindly tell me how many days you will take to give this information. Please help me with all the details as soon as possible. 

Thank you very much.


Sender name 


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