Letter of Encouragement to a Child – 5 Format Templates

Every child is special in their own ways and it is very important for the parents to understand this fact and appreciate their uniqueness.

There are times when your child needs some words of encouragement and you should boost their morale with your words and trust me ut gives them the power to face the world and fight to win. Hence dont miss a chance to say few words which will motivate your ward to do better and come back home as a winner.

Letter of Encouragement to a Child

Letter of Encouragement to a Child Sample 1

Dear Arthur, 

At the point when I took you in my arms just because, it was the most beautiful day of my life. And I feel so happy when I take a gander at you because you are a great kid to take a gander at as well as a superb human being inside. 

Your dad and I always feel so pleased with you that you have always followed what we have taught you. With time passing by, things are going to change, you will also change with time, yet I am certain that you will always be a brilliant individual at heart because inside you are still guiltless and warm. 

I simply want to reveal to you that as you will develop more seasoned, you will have more challenges to face, you will have more issues to take care of. Be that as it may, my child, never fear, never lose trust, always have faith in yourself and things will get fine. Recollect that no phase is constant and things change. In the event that you are having a bad time now, it will be a decent time tomorrow. Situations are not heavily influenced by you yet reaction to those situations is unquestionably in your hands. You have no power over what will be the aftereffect of your actions yet your endeavors are always in your reach. 

I realize you are exceptionally solid and you will always do great throughout everyday life except as your mother, I simply want to reveal to you that your dad and I have total faith in you. We believe your dreams and we will always be there to help whatever you wish to do. Never feel hesitant in sharing what’s at the forefront of your thoughts as we will always be there to support you. 

I simply want to say that don’t offer up to situations and always stand solid like a warrior!!! 

With bunches of affection, 

Your Mom 


Letter of Encouragement to a Child Sample 2

Dear Carolyn My Darling, 

How are you feeling? 

I wanted to disclose to you that I am glad for you for heading off to the leadership camp. I trust you can do it as you have indicated you are a benevolent, adoring, happy, sharp and hardworking individual. I am happy for the chance to learn how to be at the front, leading individuals to change the world to be a superior place to live. 

I also wanted to reveal to you that a great leader ought to have the inward quality and solid convictions about fairness, acceptance, tolerance, legitimate, caring and sharing. 

Carolyn my darling please make the most of your camp and I am certain that it will be awesome and enjoyment with heaps of learnings and character building. I trust you will at the front and top all the time. 

I love you, 



Letter of Encouragement to a Child Sample 3

Dear Ali, 

Your father and I are glad for you for being chosen into the school leadership camp. What an achievement! 

You have always been a decided and touchy kid, with a solid feeling of fair play. These qualities, along with your great comical inclination, insight and benevolence are certain to take you far throughout everyday life. 

We love being your parents and have delighted in watching you develop and form into the beautiful youngster you are today. Being a child nowadays isn’t easy and we want you to realize we will always be here for you. 

We trust you appreciate the camp and have heaps of new encounters. 

All our adoration 

Mum and Dad 


Letter of Encouragement to a Child Sample 4


We as a whole are extremely glad for you for going to a leadership camp 

To be a leader one needs certainty courage and self-acceptance, which we see you have it and above all, you have this something special that individuals looks n tunes in to you Truly and that grin too. Being a leader you will require backing and I am certain you have great individuals around you to help advise and guide you. We realize you will make distinction to this place we call the world 

We as a whole need peace , harmony and above all though of us to live and couldn’t care less for each other as a human being 

Luke my child I put stock in you 



Letter of Encouragement to a Child Sample 5

To my dearest Josh, 

I simply want you to realize that I am incredibly pleased with you. I’m glad for you for being chosen as a school leader and having the option to go to leadership camp. I’m pleased with you for attempting your best (more often than not) I’m glad for you for being a great elder sibling to Kyle and bailing me out with him. Above all else pal, I’m glad for you for always being so sure, happy, caring and adoring. With your family as well as with your companions, teammates and simply individuals in general. 

You have the ability to do and be ANYTHING you set your attention to. You have the great ability of making individuals laugh. Alright so perhaps you don’t always pick the appropriate minute to do it however it is a superb thing to have the option to lift up the hearts of others.

You really have what it takes to be a great leader buddy, all you have to do is trust in yourself as much as I do. I really trust that leadership camp will give you the certainty you have to do great things for the time being and when you get more established. 

Take this chance to learn increasingly about yourself as well as other people’s buddies and recall that there is always space to learn more. 

Your Mum


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