Letter of Donation Format Samples- 8 Unique Templates

Donation and charity are very good work to do, this way we can help the underprivileged and specially abled people and keep contributing to the growth of society and hence it is necessary that while doing any donation , write a letter to the organization about the amount and the cause you are donating for.

Tell them what makes you do this and how you feel connected to the cause.

Letter of Donation Sample Format

Letter of Donation Format Sample 1

Dear “Organization Name”, 

My name is “Full Name”. I have been following the exercises of your association for quite a while and have concluded that I might want to make a money related donation. Joined you will locate a confirmed check in the measure of $1000. 

While this is a moderately modest quantity, I truly trust that it will have any kind of effect in the lives of the numerous creatures you help salvage. 

My assessment receipt can be sent to: 

Sender’s Name


Letter of Donation Format Sample 2

Dear esteemed individual from the network, 

Christ’s Calvary Church has developed into a basic spot of love for neighborhood inhabitants, with normal Sunday service arrangements and various occasions consistently. Anyway in satisfying our rangers name, we are completely crafted by God well past the dividers of the congregation. 

We are likewise a significant nearby foundation, protecting and taking care of the destitute, managing drug clients to restoration, and dealing with our countries veterans where others have overlooked. 

Helping individuals is a general head and we trust you will consider making a donation paying little heed to your confidence. The congregation is profoundly keen to any whole, regardless of how huge or little. 


Full Name


Letter of Donation Format Sample 3

Dear Sir or Madam, 

If it’s not too much trouble find enclosed a check donation of $300 to the Organization Name. 

I am making this donation in the memory of my late expired companion “Friend Name”, a deep rooted admirer of mutts who housed and restored strays with no expert assistance or monetary sponsorship. She was additionally a supporter of numerous creature good causes and I discovered your subtleties in an old email correspondence with her. 

I would kindly request you  that you please send a notification of the donation in Kelly’s name to her family at:”Address”

Much thanks to you for your help and I trust that my $300 can support a distinction. 


Name of Sender


Letter of Donation Format Sample 4

Dearest ____________, 

Much thanks to you for your generally kind and liberal blessing to the Organization of $2,000. Your great donation will purchase new specific school course books for 200 specialized curriculum youngsters who we deal with at our school. 

Our central goal has consistently been to incorporate moderate students into the ordinary study hall, and with your assistance we can keep on making this a reality with books that are explicitly customized for their requirements. 

Much obliged to you such a great amount for your graciousness. 

Warm respects


Letter of Donation Format Sample 5

Dear sir or madam, 

I am composing for your children’s  Charity, that fund-raises for kid doctor’s visit expenses. Every year we hold various fun family raising support occasions in the nearby network, for example, a soccer competition, BBQ barbecue and ability challenges. 

I’d prefer to demand that your business considers supporting one of our forthcoming ability challenges. We get turnouts between 500 to 1000, and your subtleties will be remembered for all handouts and programs, and on a major pennant over the stage. 

This is an incredible chance to advance your business and make altruism inside the network. All donations are likewise charge deductible, as we are an enlisted cause. 




Letter of Donation Format Sample 6

Dear [donor’s name], 

Hello I am “Full name” , working currently at “Organization name” full time for fundraising activities. At “NGO Name”, we try to help [nonprofit mission] by [actions charitable has taken, utilize an enthusiastic tale about what your philanthropic has done up until now and the lives they have changed. Give a particular case of your impact.] 

While we have made some extraordinary steps, [nonprofit’s name] still has a ton to achieve. We need your help to [new task or occasion that you’re asking donations for]. 

We extraordinarily value your donation, and it will be utilized to [insert how the donations will be utilized and the effect that this donation will have]. On the off chance that you wish to contribute, it would be ideal if you round out the appended structure or call us at [phone number]. 

It would be ideal if you go along with us! With your donation, we’re one bit nearer to what you have wished for. 



Contact Details


Letter of Donation Format Sample  7

Dear [donor’s name], 

I work with [organization’s name] and since [year of founding] we’ve been endeavoring to help [organization’s mission]. [Describe your association’s strategic and enthusiastic story]. 

Every year we plan a raising support occasion to help [the explicit effect of the pledge drive, for instance: carry supplies to destitute people]. A year ago, with the assistance of our locale and different supporters, we had the option to [positive impact]. It was a fantastic chance, and we are grateful to the point that we had the assets to help. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through [phone number] or [email], or take a gander at the connected structure we have given. We couldn’t imagine anything better than to begin this relationship with you. [organization’s name] can’t thank you enough. 

Much thanks to you, 




Letter of Donation Format Sample 8

Dear [donor’s name]], 

We are “organization’s name” and we endeavor to help and carry attention to “organization’s cause”. Since the time year of founding, our group has been hosting occasions, fund-raising, etc. to help specific positive effects of your organization. 

We are as of now arranging your next initiative that will ideally bring impact on your efforts to our locale. That is the reason we are requesting your assistance. With your assets and [specific motivation behind why this organization ought to give, for instance: it is a neighborhood business and an individual from the community], together we could have an unbelievable effect. 

We’d be glad to give incentive, for instance: we will thank you publically, put your organization’s name on our site or on occasion literature in return to show the amount we welcome this. 

Much obliged to you for your assistance, 

[organization’s name] 

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