Property Rent Confirmation Letter: Templates

If you have found a tenant for your property, you need to write a confirmation letter to the future tenant. You need to include the facilities that the person is entitled to get as a tenant.

This sample link related to confirmation of property of rent will help explain everything to the future tenant. You can alter the terms and conditions and confirm the payment amount and mode of payment. 

Letter Template: 1


Sender name



Recipient name


Subject: Letter of Confirmation from The Landlord

Dear Sir/Madam

I, (landlord’s name), the landlord of the property (mention), confirm you for this property for rent. This place is suitable for a visitor to stay. 

 Your accommodation will be available from (date). You bought this property on (date). This property is at (mention the address). You provided all the documents for this renting process that are as follows;

  1. ABC
  2. XYZ
  3. PQR
  4. MNO

I have verified all the documents, and no issue was found on those. I kept those copies also for further need. This property has no objection certificate and society rules. So, it will not trouble you in the future.

I am attaching the proof of my land record that belongs to me. I have also checked your work details that proved that you would be able to pay the rent on time. 

As per our agreement, you have to provide ____ (amount) per ___ (year/month), and the mode of payment is ____ (mention). If you delay paying fees, you have to give interest which amount is _____ (if required). 

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

property rent confirmation letter

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