Volunteer Work Confirmation Letter: 4 Templates (Free)

Confirmation of job is an approval for the candidate to start working from a particular date and time. Volunteering is associated with nonprofit organizations that assist in various social work.

If you are in a hurry to confirm the selection of the candidate for the post of volunteer then you can select this confirmation letter link. Except for a few relevant changes like the volunteer’s name, date, and time of joining, you would not have to write anything extra. 

Letter Template: 1

Volunteer Work Confirmation Letter

[Name of the Sender]

[Name of Organization]

[Title of Job]

[Address, Zip Code]




[Name of the Recipient]

[Name of Organization]

[Title of Job]

[Address, Zip Code]

Sub- Confirmation for Volunteer Work.

Dear [Name of the Recipient],

It is a great pleasure to inform you that [Name of the Person] has completed [His/Her] work as a volunteer with [Name of the Organization]. This is the confirmation letter of [His/Her] volunteer work.

[Name of the Person] has worked from [Date] to [Date] with immense dedication. During this period, [He/She] has served us for [Hours] per day. We have given [Him/Her] works like [State the Given works]. [He/She] has sincerely completed all of [His/Her] work.

[Name of the Person] is a hard worker who is always ready to perform [His/Her] duties. [He/She] has served people with love and respect.

[He/She] has shown excellent communication skills, which were much- needed to help people during this volunteer work. [He/She] has taken this volunteer work to a high level by doing this work brilliantly.

We were lucky to have [Him/Her] as our volunteer. We express our gratitude to [Him/Her].


[Name of the Sender].

volunteer work confirmation letter template

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