Letter of condolence on major accident- Sample Template

[Sender’s name]

[Company/organization name]

[Job title]

[Address, zip code]




[Recipient’s name]

[Company/organization name]

[Job title]

[Address, zip code]

Sub- Condolence letter on major accident

Dear [recipient’s name],

I have just been informed that you met with a major accident while [details of the accident] from [source]. I cannot tell you how anguished I was to hear that you had become a victim of such misfortune. It is God’s mercy that even after getting injured so badly, you are still breathing. I am thankful to the almighty for saving your life. My heartfelt condolences are with you and your family. 

Though you are saved but you are still in danger. May God give you strength. Do not worry, by God’s grace you will recover soon.  I am praying for your speedy recovery. 

The news of your accident has shocked me as well as our other employees. Everyone is greatly concerned about their fellow employee’s health. We all are with you and your family. I will visit you shortly. We will be happy to extend our helping hands to you and your family.

Take care. God bless you.


[Sender’s name].

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