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Subject- Letter of condolence on death from employer

Dear Madam,

It was heart breaking to know about [name of the person] death. My condolences and sympathies for your family. [Name of the person] sudden death is also a great loss for our organization. 

[Name of the person] was one most valued employee of our organization. His hard working nature and talents helped him reach zeniths in his profession. He was a capable employee and our organization proudly proclaims it. His trust worthy and faithful nature inspired many. His patience proved profitable for the organization and helped in its growth. Our organization will be ever thankful to such an employee.

Our organization will like to pay due respect to such an employee. As our homage to your husband our organization would like to extend some monetary help for the future needs of your daughters. 

Please do take care of yourself and your family. Hope you will soon recover from such an atrocious loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

Yours Sincerely,

[Name of the sender]

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