Letter of complaint against Manager – 4 Templates

While we start working everything starts falling into place but sometimes we aren’t very fortunate and get into a dream team rather we end up getting a manager who isn’t very supportive or is rude in nature of someone who just wants to boss around you and never helps you if you get stuck while doing some work and hence you need to write a letter to the upper management stating the issues you are facing in the company.

You should be very clear about whatever is happening and you should tell them how difficult it is to work under someone who instead of managing just directs you to do something. If you find it difficult to pen down your words, follow the sample below.

Here are Best Letter of complaint against Manager

Letter of complaint against Manager Sample 1

Hello John,

I am one of the new joiners through the college placements. First of all, I would like to thank you for selecting me and giving me an opportunity to work in such a reputed organization.

Its been a month since I joined and have been allocated to a client project but it is now a matter of concern for me as my manager (Mr. XYZ) has been one of the rudest people I have ever met. I with two other people are working on this project and have been updating the progress and timesheet daily but still, he has been scolding us for delaying the work and also has insisted us to stay in the office till midnight.

We three complete our work in the office hours and leave at 6:30 pm but he is adamant that we leave the work incomplete and go home. Though the case is opposite, he has never bothered to check the project and he just comes and bashes us every morning. I think if this continues for long, we three would like to switch teams or projects or just leave the company if no solution is given.

Kindly look into the matter and let us know if you could help us.




Letter of complaint against Manager Sample 2

Hello Rebecca,

I hope you are doing good and your day has started on a good note.

I would like to bring to your notice that for the last three months I have been facing some issues in our organization and I came to know it is because of my current reporting manager. Just to brief you about the condition, I have been regularly getting messages from a known number and they have been very creepy but I kept ignoring it until last week when I got to know that it was from Mr. XYZ.

I have been working in this company even before he came and hence as a loyal employee, before reporting this to the police I want you to take some actions against him. He has been sending me my pictures and some messages blackmailing me for money and favors. I will attach a copy of the messages for your reference. I am not sure if anyone less is experiencing such things if you doubt than please get a survey done for that.

I would not want to work in such a condition and hence you will need to take some action as soon as possible. I am ready to talk to him face to face as well and I am not afraid of the fact that he is a  manager. This is not an ideal environment for women to work and you will need to introduce new policies in order to avoid such situations.

Awaiting your response.




Letter of complaint against Manager Sample 3

Hello John,

It is a matter of great concern for me as even after working so hard I have got F grade and hence for two consecutive years, my promotion has been detained.

Now that I got to know that this is because of my manager who has been not giving updates about my work, I will have to take the matter in my hands and hence I am writing this letter to you.

I have been working overtime for last six months and have been covering my manager (Mr. XYZ) work as well while he is busy taking one of our colleagues out for lunch. He has been dumping all his work on me and also to cross-verify you can get in touch with our clients with whom I have been working with, Mr. XYZ has not even attended a single call for last one month. I have been alleged that I have delayed the project but it is due to the lack of workforce in the project team and I have raised this issue last month as well. Kindly have a look into the matter and take appropriate steps so that no one is exploited as I am.

I would like to then get in talks for my promotion or else I will have to look for other options.




Letter of complaint against Manager Sample 4

Hello Ross,

It has been a very bad experience for me in the last two months. I would have never expected so much of insult for not even doing anything.

I have been working for this organization for the last 4 years and have experienced something like this. As informed I have been working from home for the last month because of some family issues and have got that approved from the upper management. But when I joined the office, my manager insulted me saying that I am resource of no use and the company is just spending without giving a thought.

Though I have to finish up all my work without any delay and have been taking over new projects as well. I have always proved my dedication and loyalty by doing my working with dedication and this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable for me.

Kindly look into the matter and I would expect a response from you as soon as possible. 




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