Workshop Selection Intimation Letter Template

With this letter template, you will be actually inviting the candidate to participate in the workshop or seminar. You must address the candidate by his name and information him that he has been selected for a specific workshop that will be held at a certain venue at a specific time and day.

You should include some details about the seminar. In fact, you need to state for how many days the program will be held.  

Letter Template: 1

Greetings/Dear [first name] 

This is to inform you that you have been selected for the workshop which is scheduled to take place on the 2nd Saturday of the coming month. This is going to be one of the biggest confluence in the industry.

This is going to be 2 days event at Harward University. The first day as planned is of all the speakers coming from all over the world and will be speaking about their experiences of the past years and will also guide you through the ups and downs and changes of the industry. The second day will be more networking and Questions and answers.

We would request you to collect your orientation bags and be seated in your seats before we begging the program. Looking forward to having you. 


workshop selection intimation letter

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