A Letter of Fundraising for the Hungry and Homeless

Fundraising A Letter of Fundraising for the Hungry and Homeless

A Letter of Fundraising for the Hungry and Homeless

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Greetings of the day!

It is indeed a privilege for each of us to be having a home to go back and eat three or more meals each day. Today, I am writing this letter to draw your awareness to the countless number of people who are without proper shelter and food in and around [ insert the concerned place]

We have heard at least once in our education that that food, water, and shelter are the most basic needs in one’s life. Each day, there are about [ insert the stats related to the issue] people who remain homeless and go hungry to their sleep.

Our organization, [ insert the name of the organization] has decided to raise a fund for the hungry and homeless. We aim to raise a fund of about an estimated sum of [ insert the amount of money required for the fundraise along with the currency]

Providing from a little from our portion of blessings and privileges can bring about a huge difference in the lives of these suffering people. We on behalf of them, would remain grateful and indebted for your contributions.

Thank you

Best Regards,

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[ Insert the Designation at the organization], [ Insert the Name of the Organization]

[ insert the contact details]

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