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Letter for Wishing Birthday – 6 Sample Templates

Birthday is a very special occasion for everyone and it is very likely that people with whom you are close to expecting a wish from you as it makes them feel happy.

Usually, people send a gift as well with the letter and hence while writing the letter make sure you wish them and attach some gifts which you think they will like and make their bday even more special.

Letter for Wishing Birthday

Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 1

Dear Sydney, 

Upbeat birthday companion! I need to wish you warm congrats on your extraordinary day and offer me all the best for some, a lot progressively incredible birthday celebrations to come in your future. 

I trust this specific birthday is the best one ever for you. Knowing you, you most likely have a rundown of energizing things intended to do this year so as to commend it with your awesome family. Remember this: while everyone develops old, not every person grows up! 

​Sounds like me and you, isn’t that so? At whatever point I have to put a snappy grin all over, I simply consider all the great occasions we’ve shared throughout the years. You look as youthful and excellent as the principal day I met you. Did you find the ‘wellspring of youth’? 

Likewise, I need to thank you for being there for me this previous year when I truly required assistance. In any case, that is the thing that companions are for, and you’re a decent one. If it’s not too much trouble realize that I will consistently be there for you as well. 

Here’s to wishing you a long, solid, and prosperous life my companion! 

Once more, glad birthday. 

Genuinely, (or Love) 



Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 2

My dear Samantha

It is an awesome day for you since this day you were conceived. I have quite recently gotten your birthday card. Many thanks for your greeting card on your birthday celebration. I am extremely glad to praise you on your birthday.

I am grieved that I can’t come to go to this capacity in view of the sickness of my mom. Be that as it may, I have sent you a blessing by post. I trust you will get it today. I wish that may each succeeding year brings you satisfaction and achievement.

May God secure all of you sorts of disasters. Respects to your folks. 

With all the best, 

Yours earnestly, 


Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 3

Dear companion Abigail, 

Expectation this letter discovers you healthy. I am expressly composing this letter to you to wish you an upbeat birthday. As your birthday will land inside the following two days and you will turn 50, I wish you ahead of time. I can’t cause it for your birthday as we have as of late moved to another place and have heaps of game plans that must be made. 

Generous congrats to you sir on your birthday for the benefit of my family and me, and I realize that I will be feeling the loss of the capacity and all the good times. Make some great memories and may you live long like this for quite a long time together. 

Expressing gratitude toward You 

Yours really, 

Mike Samuelson. 


Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 4

Dear Sir,

Many many happy returns of the day! You are one the nicest person I have met and I wish this year brings joy and prosperity to you.I am writing the letter to you as I would not be able to manage to join you in the party due to some prior engagements at home and I regret this. 

I am along these lines giving my development wishes to sir. I am upset about not going to work. I am wishing you karma for the capacity and may god keep you solid and fit in the years to come. By and by, I wish you healthy praise on your birthday. 

Yours Truly, 



Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 5

My dear Joseph, 

If it’s not too much trouble acknowledge my compliment on your eighteenth birthday celebration that falls on this day. I wish you a long life and appeal to God for your thriving and joy. I trust, on the event of your birthday, you will welcome your companions who are close within reach, and cut your birthday cake in their essence, as you have constantly done, while in Calcutta. 

I miss you especially after you left us for San Andreas, where your dad is presently posted. I don’t have the foggiest idea when we are going to meet straightaway. I pine for your organization constantly, as we two were maybe the coziest companions in our group. 


On the event of your birthday, you more likely than not been pre­sented with new garments and different valuable presents by your folks and companions. 

If it’s not too much trouble keep in touch with me whenever the timing is ideal. 

With affection, 

Yours ever, 


Letter for Wishing Birthday Sample 6

My dear Silvia

Today is the 25th of December, Silvia I was helped to remember your birthday which falls today. I recall when you were here in a similar school as me; we as a whole used to consider you our Christ and appreciated each birthday with a superb gathering. 

This year you are in Lanchester and I trust you make the most of your birthday celebration with new individuals around, just as you did it here. On this day, it would be ideal if you acknowledge my heartiest congrats for the afternoon.

May God award you with scores of birthday celebrations to come in the years to follow, and you commend every one with the glory that is normal with your gatherings. I have a decent present for you which I will give you when we meet straightaway.

Maybe we as a whole come to Lucknow in the long stretch of February to go to some capacity in the family there? Around then I will meet you and give you your present.

Indeed, do acknowledge my healthy congrats for your birthday. 

All else is fine at this end, and I do trust everything is great with you and you are close to darlings. Pass on my respects to your folks.

With adoration and all the best

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