Sample Letter for Employee Reprimand – 6 Different Formats

An employee’s performance defines a company’s performance and hence when you see that the performance of an employee is not what you expected, you must talk to them and tell them that this is not  good sign and improvement is required.

Also, you must give them warning about it and if it still doesn’t change  you can think of firing them. Above all the first thing that you must do is talk to them and understand their situation.

Sample Letters for Employee Reprimand

Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 1

Dear [Recipients Name],

As I am certain you know, the achievement of our business relies upon the high efficiency of every single representative. Thus we have to define explicit objectives in regards to efficiency by requesting that all laborers meet the 70% imprint every month. 

I should educate you, notwithstanding, that for as long as two months, you have just arrived at the half, which is inadmissible. We, be that as it may, would prefer not to excuse you quickly and rather need to allow you to make up for yourself. I recommend that you either put in a greater number of hours or figure out how to function quicker than you do now. 

In the event that you might want to address me with respect to this issue, kindly don’t spare a moment to visit my office at whatever point you have time. I believe that we can discover an answer to this difficulty that benefits everybody. 


[Senders Name] 

[Senders Title] 


Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 2

Dear Ms. “Full Name”

We understand the past few days have been tough but this doesn’t change the fact that your performance has been declining for the last 2 quarters and it is a matter of concern for the company. This has led to the decline of your team’s performance as well.

We would like to quote here that you have been consistently short of fulfilling your targets by 60% and that’s why the sales in this zone are also less, this has led to decline in the number of local clients.

A per the company policy, if this continues for the next quarter as well, we will have to fire you with immediate notice.
You can reach out to me if there is anything you want to talk about.

Full Name



Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 3

Dear Name of employee,

This mail is to bring to your notice that you have failed to deliver your work in the last 5 projects and its not a minor thing that we can ignore it.

It has been seen regularly that you have been coming to the office late and hence it has now started to reflect in the work too. You know that the company policies state that strict action will be taken against any employee who is not delivering work and who has failed to comply with the rules. 

Before proceeding to take the action, I would like to meet you personally, so that we can ponder upon your performance and the declining graph of your performance. I would expect to see you tomorrow at 1:00 pm in my office.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


[Your Name]


Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 4

Hello “employee name”

This is very disappointing for me to write this letter to you as while hiring you I had thought that you will be the best that we have.

It’s not new for you to know that we lost two clients in the last month because the work which was delivered didn’t match the project lines which they shared with us. The project that you worked upon didn’t match the quality standards that they test things on.

While we get clients onboard the only promise we make to them is that any work which we take will be of the highest quality but because of your irresponsible behavior and bad attitude towards work, we have not been able to deliver what we promised.

I would like to talk to you about this with your manager at the meeting. Meet us at 6:00 pm today before you leave or else action will be taken against you.



Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 5

Hello “Name”

It disappoints me to know that your performance is not what you promised while you joined our team.

For the past 3 weeks, your continuous delays and absentee in office have made us re-think our decision to hire you as a content writer. While the content that you wrote in beginning was amazing and had good retention power, the last few pieces you shared had high plagiarism and also wasn’t what actually was asked from you. It clearly shows that you are not paying enough attention in your work and hence we would like to tell you that one more mistake from your side will make us take the most extreme step that is firing you.

Kindly work on the content, the way you promised, and try to gain the trust s=to survive in the office.


Full name of sender


Letter for Employee Reprimand Sample 6

Dear “Employee name”

I hope things are fine with you as your work doesn’t say this. The continuous degradation in the quality of work and the amount of time that you spend is not a very good signal for us.
I am not sure what has made things worse but the rumors of you looking for a job outside and hence maybe your attitude towards the work here has changed.

Though we dont say that  you shouldn’t look for a job we definitely would say that if this is going to stay then we might just fire you. We have always given our employees the freedom to work as they are comfortable and just expected results but now that the results arent coming along we want to treat this email as a warning and would like to see improvement as soon as possible.



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