Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee – 5 Samples

It is extremely important for us to keep the team or organization updated about  anyone who is joining new or who is now given a position in any special committee.

Usually, it is on the basis of qualifications and experience and hence while announcing make sure you tell what makes the person most suited for the role and how is he going to benefit the organization by holding such a prestigious position in a committee. This letter should be addressed to the whole team.

Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee

Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee Sample 1

Subject: Jane Doe, Director of Marketing 

We are excited to announce the advancement of Jane Doe to the Director of Marketing in the Corporate Communications department. We are glad that she has completed 10 years in the company. During this time she switched her responsibility from one field to other and now we know that we always have her back in various domains and this makes us a unique personality.

Jane in this way carries a wealth of experience to the Corporate Communications department, and we are amped up for her new job at the company. 

Please go along with us in inviting Jane to Corporate Communications and congratulating her on her appointment in the team of qualified people.. 

Best regards, 

Marian Smith 

Official Director, Corporate Communications 


Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee Sample 2

Subject: Michael Nolan – Customer Service Manager 

I am pleased to announce Michael Nolan has earned a merited advancement to Customer Service Manager powerful October 1. Michael gets broad experience in customer administration, customer arrangements, and communications to his position, along with several years of involvement in our company. 

I would appreciate you inviting him on board as he transitions to this new job. In the event that you have any inquiries pushing ahead, please don’t hesitate to ask. His varied experience and real-time knowledge has made us do this and looking forward to his critical reviews.

Sandra Tollhouse 

HR Manager 


Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee Sample 3

Subject: Joe Smith, Regional Manager 

We are pleased to announce the advancement of Joe Smith to the Regional Manager of our Northeast operations. Joe has been with XYZ Company for 8 years, during which time he has held positions in sales and management, demonstrating himself to be a dedicated company advocate. 

Joe came to XYZ from another retailer and carried with his vitality and enthusiasm that he has kept on utilizing while at the same time leading his employees to reliably improve their sales numbers. 

This guy has god a very important and unique capability to motivate the team and his expertise in customer service makes him eligible for the switch in his portfolio. He is been shifted to Connecticut as we would need his expert opinion in the new branch.

While the Connecticut offices will miss him, please go along with us in inviting Joe to Boston, and in congratulating him on his new position. 


Mary O’Hara 

Director, XYZ Company 


Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee Sample 4

To All Staff: 

The quality team is pleased to announce that we have filled our vacant position. Brian Giraldo will go along with us as a quality technician on May 1. We are definitely going to miss Brian as from now onwards he is going to be in a new space and will share the building with the new committee.. We’ll hold an invite pizza lunch for Brian on his first day and you’re all welcomed. Come welcome Brian with the qualified specialists. 

We’re eager to add Brian to our team. He brings us 10 years of increasingly capable involvement with creating quality software. Following his onboarding, we expect that Brian will take the lead technician job with the gathering. All of the technicians participated in choosing Brian for the job. 

In addition to 10 years of experience, Brian has also worked in three related businesses in a variety of quality jobs, from advancement to auditing. It is his effort that made us score two very prestigious awards on the international level. 

Brian’s degree in Computer Technology joined with visit seminars and training meetings, give him current abilities that will enhance the quality team’s viability. He’s an active individual from our local quality association and has already acquainted us with potential employment candidates for what’s to come. 

Again, go along with us for pizza around early afternoon on May 1 in the quality meeting room in Building 6, to welcome Brian. We’re eager to invite him and the expectation that you will be, too. Email Mary Jenkins in case you’re coming, by Friday, with the goal that we can have enough pizza for all. 


Mike Girard for the Quality Technician Team 


Letter for Announcing Appointment of New Employee Sample 5

To: All Staff 

Margaret O’Brien, our most up to date Customer Service Specialist, will start her new position on September 15. We are eager to have Margaret aboard as she acquires seven years of experience similar jobs in two other companies, one of which serves similar customers to our own. We are grateful that she chose our firm when she had several other choices. 

Margaret’s background is in overhauling and helping purchasers of software items and she is familiar with the software that we use for consolidating administration requests and reactions. She specializes in aiding far-flung customers tackle issues they are encountering with the installation and utilization of the software. 

Margaret’s degree is from the University of Madison where she majored in communication arts and minored in marketing. 

Margaret’s new employee mentor is Jessie LaRue, so on the off chance that you have ideas for Margaret, let Jessie know. Margaret will go through part of each day the principal week in onboarding gatherings. However, she will be working in the customer administration area on the second floor with the majority of her time. 

Please go along with me in inviting Margaret at a lager, wine, water, soda social on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in the main gathering room on the principal floor. We’ll serve a few snacks and natural products with the beverages. 

Indeed, I am happy that Margaret has joined our team. 


Laura Richardson 

Customer Service Director

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