A Letter to wish Engagement Anniversary to Colleague

Anniversary is always about celebrating the relationship. Anniversary is cherishing all the memories of yesterday, joys of today and hopes of tomorrow.

Dear [Name of Colleague],

Today is a special occasion of your life, and I am delighted to wish you by writing this beautiful letter. This wonderful day allows you to celebrate the love between you both. Respect and admiration you have on each other is an excellent foundation for your successful relationship. God has brought your lives together so that you won’t live alone, but together you have built a wonderful home with a united cause and vision.

I pray to God to bless you with all the happiness and joy. Make promises of being together both during odds and happiness, as today is a special day for your two souls getting bonded together. And I want to thank you for being a good friend and colleague who is always special. 

Lastly, I want to wish you a happy engagement anniversary filled with all the happiness and joy which you always dreamed of and make everyday special in this beautiful journey of love. And I wish you all the best.

May God bless you with health wealth and prosperity.


[Your Name]

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