Letter Or Email for Layoff: 6 Different Samples

A layoff is difficult for both the business and the employees because its some extreme economic hardship which makes the management take such a drastic step and for employees its difficult to move on and get a job again and start a process of working and adapting in a company altogether.

How to write a good letter for layoff-

  • Be polite in your language
  • Be specific about the reason for such action
  • Give them ideas to where to apply next 
  • If possible recommend them for a job in organizations you know which are hiring
  • Announce economic package for their use for the next 2 months.

So it’s very important that you write a letter which doesn’t demotivate your employees and tell them the reason for this action as well. 

Sample 1

Hello “Full Name”

I hope you are doing good! I know you must be aware of the ongoing economic stress that the company is going through at this time of the pandemic. Our business has gone down by 67% in the last 2 months and now the only way for us to survive is the pay cut and layoff. We aren’t doing this in high spirits and expect you to understand this.

We are writing this email to intimate you that you are being laid off due to an ongoing crisis. We are really sad about this and hence would like to support you monetarily for the next two months or until you find a new role to sustain yourself whichever is earlier. 

We regret that the journey is ending on this note. We are attaching a list of companies that are currently hiring and hope it will help you.



Sample 2

Hello “Team”

This moment of crisis has forced us to take some really tough decisions and trust us it wasn’t easy for us to do this. We have been facing some issues due to lack of fund and some major clients have pulled out in the last 3 months. Due to these reasons, we have decided to layoff 150 people. We really apologize for this harsh step and would like to announce that we will pay you a salary for one month and your medical insurance with the company will continue till the end of this year. 

You as an asset were really really important for us but to sustain and keep the business going we have taken such a drastic step. We have talked to a few companies which are desperately looking for talent like you and we feel you will suit their criteria as well. Kindly go through the list of companies below and apply as and where you feel your talent will be used in the best possible way.



Sample 3

Respected team,

I wish that you are all doing fine. I must tell you that writing a letter with such a message is tough but reading it is even tougher and trusts me you will find me on your side whenever any support is required. It’s just these tough times that have called for some tough decisions for us. 

Due to unforecastable circumstances, we are forced to close the operations of our company. When 5 years ago I started this company I didn’t ever expect that after reaching the peak, I will have to do this. Our partners have broken ties and we have suffered huge losses and hence have no other option than to close the company.

I am going to miss working with you all and for your help, I have talked to a few of my known to reach out to the resources of our company. I hope you all forgive me.

Regrets and best wishes


Sample 4

Hello all,

With oil prices going down with each passing day, we are going down on our market valuations and this lockdown has caused unprecedented times for businesses and we are no different. We have lost $120 million dollars in past 20 days and hence have to work on the restructuring of the company. 

With a very heavy heart, we have decided to lay off our sales team and a part of technicians as well. We regret doing this as an employee to the company is the most important asset and so were you guys to us. In these tough times we can only assist you with medical insurance and salary for a month. 

We hope you do your best in next career move like you were doing here. Wishing you luck and hope that you will understand our decision.

Apologies and regards


Sample 5

Hello “Full name”

Greeting from the “Company name”!

I write this email to you with a very heavy heart as we have decided to lay off few of our staff due to economic instability. The company is in the process of taking over and we will be working under a different brand name, starting from next month. 

I know this email must have come out as a shock for you and many of your colleagues and trust us that this wasn’t the easiest decision for us. To help others and for sustaining the company we have had to do this. The partner company has given us a few choices and we are just adhering to that.

We regret announcing this and would wish that you start a new role very soon.



Sample 6

Hello team.

This email won’t be the easiest for you to read and neither was it easy for us to write this. The times have changed the business is declining and due to some legal concern, we will be laying off some of our team members as at this moment it is not affordable for us to keep a huge team. 

We are in the middle of a legal battle with one of our partners as they have claimed a huge stake in the company which was allegedly taken from us and we are helpless. We expect that you will understand this and forgive us for this. For your convenience, there will be a few HRs who will be visiting next week with some vacancies and we feel you might find your new calling at that time.

Kindly forgive and all the best.



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