A Letter to Decline Volunteer Proposal Due to Upcoming Exams

Dear (Name of the employee),

I am so sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to accept your volunteer proposal. I am so busy right now with my college projects these days. my assignments are piled up and I have to complete them before the deadline. also, exams are coming soon that’s why I can’t get time to cope up with this volunteer thing. Only I know how much I love to volunteer with your organization and now when I am getting a chance to do the same then my luck is not with me. 

Volunteering is something in which you will get an opportunity to get to know different people and to understand them. As a volunteer, you can create a bond with so many people. I would love to give you my support but this time I am so helpless. I am really feeling sorry for not accepting your proposal, and this is one of the most hard decisions which I have to make with my heavy heart. 

I hope that you will get some better volunteers and the one who understands the importance of this work. Volunteers are never paid because no one can calculate their actual worth. They work unselfishly and are always ready to help others. I hope I will join you and give my best time in the future. thank you once again for a proposal it really means a lot.



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