Decline Volunteer Proposal Due to Full-Time Job Letter

With this letter template, you can easily refuse for working as a volunteer. You can address clearly that you are already employed full time and for how many hours you are actually working.

You must express your gratitude for getting the offer to the volunteer and also you must explain why you cannot actually contribute as a volunteer. You must appreciate it for helping you to learn the skills that you are implementing in your current job.

Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I am writing to let you know that this time I cannot accept the volunteer proposal of your esteemed organization as I got a full-time job at ABC company. I am so grateful to you that you gave me the pleasure to join your organization again.

I have to say with a heavy heart that this time I cannot make it to you. I will cherish the bond that we make there and thank you for making three years of my life so special.

I especially enjoyed volunteering during the New year fair which gave me the opportunity to showcase some of my own work. I am sorry once again that I cannot complete my commitments with you. 

You helped me develop my skills which will help me greatly in my job. I am sad that I cannot accept your proposal but I look forward to this new chapter in my life which will definitely bring positive changes in my life. I would be happy to help you whenever I will come back home or through online mode.

If you need any help mine is searching for a volunteer then please don’t hesitate to call me at 555555555.

I hope that you will get better volunteers than me who are more hardworking and dedicated. I pray for higher success for your organization. Thank you for the wonderful years and experience which I got from you. I will surely look forward to staying in touch. 



decline volunteer proposal due to full time job letter

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