A Letter to Decline Tenant Application because of a Pet

Dear (Name of the person),

I am sorry to inform you that your tenant application has been rejected for the ABC apartment at MNO. we cannot allow you to rent a place because pets are not allowed to enter our building and you have a dog with you. we have some rules about pets. we can allow only small pets in the building such as birds but your dog doesn’t match our pet requirements. We feel extremely sorry for rejecting the application. your dog is too big and hairy and may also it will be an inconvenience for other tenants around you.

The sound of dogs mainly disturbs the students from their studies. Maybe old people also get scared of it. you will also face problems if you will stay with a dog in a building because you have to take him out from time to time for around.

I can understand that dogs are our best friends but they may also create a lot of problems for others. you have to give them proper training to become a part of this society. everybody around you cannot get comfortable or cannot accept them. a dog can also pee anywhere and we cannot ask him to clean it. it will be a problem for us also to hire a sweeper which should be available 24/7 in the building. Before accepting any application we should think of every pros and con which may occur in the future. 

I hope you will understand and not take it personally.



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