Decline Tenant Application Due to Many People Letter Template

You must inform that since you do not find enough space for so many people with you, therefore you are writing this letter to decline the tenant application. 

You must explain what your requirements for the occupancy are and the space you had found is not actually meeting your expectations. With this template, you will be able to explain why you require so much space for the people. 

Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

we are sorry but we have rejected your tenant application. we regret to inform you that your application is being denied because there would be too many people living in the house. I can understand that it is very wrong to say anything about the number of the family but before accepting the applications we always have to check the relevant occupancy laws.

We always follow a basic rule in which two people per habitable room plus one extra person. As you know that we have two rooms in our apartment and the number of people for which you have applied is 7 which is absolutely the rule. 

I request you to look for any other apartment either for more rooms or for the one who does not follow any occupancy laws. An apartment with 2 bedrooms may also cause inconvenience for you to get settled.

As per your application, you are two couples with three children so it is necessary for you to look for a little bigger apartment so that children will also get comfortable there and can have their own space.

These days children also want their own privacy. they always have their own stuff to which they cannot want any interference. and also it will be beneficial to you if somebody visits your place then they can also get a space to adjust.

I hope that you will understand our reason for rejecting your application and also you don’t mind this rejection.



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