Decline Tenant Application Due to Illegal Habits Letter Template

Illegal habits and smoking is not suitable or acceptable for the tenant at any cost, so you must have to decline tenant application if you have found such Illegal habits and smoking.

Now here it’s important to choose some effective words and important points to complete your letter with a proper format. Here we have already provided some sample letters to make your task easy while writing this letter. Now just complete your letter with the help of these sample letters.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I am writing you this letter to inform you that we have no regret in rejecting your tenant application for the XYZ property at ABC. We got to know from important references that you are engaged in some illegal activities also we investigated your background which does not give any positive report.

We had made this harsh decision of rejecting your application not only because of sources and other investigations but it is also our personal observation that you are a chain smoker so we could not allow you to rent a property at ABC.

Before applying for or any property for rent you should be a person with a strong character. Your main character leads to a problem for the families in which they have their kids. children will be influenced by your activities which should not be tolerated by their parents and we definitely do not want you to allow us to be a part of our building on the stake of its reputation. 

If you really want a place to get settled then you have to bring so many changes in you. I know it is quite difficult for you but with this character, everybody will slowly discriminate against you.

If you want to be a part of this society and not want to be isolated then it’s high time that you should try to bring a big change in you so that people start accepting you. With all such activities one day you will lose everything. I hope you’ll understand.



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