Decline Tenant Application Due to High Level of Debts Letter Template

You can easily decline tenant applications due to a high level of debts with the help of our below letters. Here we have written some sample letters regarding this topic for your help.

Here it’s crucial to mention the points with a proper format, and sometimes it’s also quite difficult to choose some relevant words to complete your letter. We make this task too much easy by providing these sample letters. Now you are one step away to complete your letter.

Letter Template: 1

Dear _____

This letter is being sent to inform you that your tenant application has been rejected for the ABC apartment at XYZ. We got to know from some sources that you have a high level of debts and it will be harder for you to meet all the obligations and also you cannot make rent payments on time.

Sorry, we cannot accept your application and cannot give you a suitable space to live. Also, no one is agreeing to become your guarantor. It will be a high risk for us to accept you as our tenant. It is always our responsibility to investigate the background of the tenants before giving them any space.

It is also our criteria to deposit larger security and you may not be able to fulfill it as we have checked your source of income which is not stable. You may try to apply for any other building as our criteria cannot allow us to accept your application.

Your history as a tenant is not so good and the information which you provided us was false. These reasons are enough for us to reject your application. We need a tenant for our property who has a good background as a tenant and also has a sound disposable income.

Our motive is not to make you feel guilty about rejecting your application but you should make sure that from today you will make changes in your behavior and try to clear all your debts so that no one could deny you from renting their places. 



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