A Letter to Decline Resignation due to ongoing project

Dear (Name of the employee),

I have no regrets to tell you that I am not going to accept your resignation letter at this point in time. I am constantly impressed by your performance and your excellent performance is an inspiration to all. it is the closing time of the year and you cannot be allowed for leaving this company without any prior information. you are a reliable employee and it is the best gift a leader can ask for but this time you are proving yourself completely opposite. Your hard work and dedication are an example to everyone on our team but you cannot prove yourself wrong in this aspect. sincerity and loyalty are the things that are expected from you.

it is the most crucial time of the company and how you can even think of leaving it like this. This company serves you in all the best ways it can and you cannot ditch us like this. you are always wanted by this company you should always lift others up instead of pushing them down. if you left your team members in between then they will be demotivated. I want you to become a role model and inspiration for others and I hope that you will become the same and make me proud.

I would like to see you in my office tomorrow before 11:00 in the morning and I want to have a discussion on the same. I hope you understand what I am trying to say and believe me that after changing your decision you will be happier.



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