Lease Renewal Decline Due to Renovation Letter Template

Renovation of a house sometimes becomes the reason for the decline of the renewal of the lease. Now to inform this message you must have to write a letter with a proper format. Here it’s crucial to choose some important words to express your points in a very clear way.

Now to fulfill this purpose here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic, so now you can easily take the help of these letters and complete your letter with a proper format.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Tenant’s name), 

Hope you are doing good!
This letter is to intimate you that I don’t plan to restore your extend your lease. According to the laws, this is your 30-day notice of nonrenewal. 

Please don’t take this personally as I am going to give this house renovation now and will be residing in it myself after that. As you must know that I have retired from my job now and would be relocating to the city and hence I can’t keep you as a tenant there.

I would request you to kindly evacuate the flat before the end date and give the keys to the neighbors, I will collect them from them.

I can be reached at (telephone number and address) on the off chance that you have any inquiries between now and the finish of your lease that closes on (embed lease end date). I only expect that you clean the house before you leave and don’t damage the property.


(Proprietor/Property Manager’s Name) 

lease renewal decline due to renovation letter

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