Decline Renewal of Lease Due to Sale of Flat Letter

With this letter template, you can easily reveal about nonrenewal of the lease as you have thought of selling the flat. You must inform the tenant to vacate the premises on the day of end of the lease period.

You must appreciate the tenant for his stay in this period. You must also inform what circumstances are actually leading you to sell the flat. You must request the embed number of days which are dependent on the state’s laws. 

Template: 1

Dear (Tenant’s name), 

This letter is your official notification that your present lease terminates on (lease lapse date). You have been an incredible inhabitant but due to our changed future plans of this house, we are now planning to sell it and hence are unable to renew your lease for the upcoming year.

We are now in desperate need to have money due to old age and health issues and hence we would now want to get rid of additional responsibilities like this house and sell it to someone who would be able to take care of it. We are pleased that you stayed in the house like it’s yours and paid us to rent on time but as times change we have to move on.

In the event that you choose to proceed onward from this loft please give us an (embed number of days dependent on your state’s law) day notice of nonrenewal. 


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