Decline Love Proposal Letter due to Difference in Choices

With this letter format, you can refuse the love proposal from someone politely. You can provide logical reasons. You must state how much different you are from him. You must actually convince him or her in a compassionate way so that he or she does not get hurt.

You must actually encourage him or her that he or she will surely find a suitable partner very soon. At the end, you must wish all the best for his life.

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Hello, “full Name”,

Your letter has come as a shock for me because I never felt this for you or for that matter for anybody. I don’t know how come you fell in love with someone like me who is so different from you in every single aspect. We are like two far away planets and there are no chances that our orbits can ever intersect.

Though I would like to make it clear that different doesn’t mean that you are bad but it’s just that even if I fall in love I would look for someone who has some similarities with me like we must be having something common to discuss but with you, I can’t think of anything and of course love cant happens over small talks. I hope you are getting what I am trying to convey.

We two are very different and hence I don’t think I will be able to adjust to this love and relationship. Hope you find someone who is much more like you and spread happiness in your life.


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