A Letter to decline Love Proposal due to Bad Experience in Past

Hello My dear,

Thank you for last evening!

Though we had such a  good time together and I know that you understand me quite well but I will regretfully have to decline your love offer due to my personal reasons and I know that you are well aware of my past experience. It’s not very long that I broke up with my first love and it definitely didn’t happen in the best way. I had given my 100% in that relationship but things turned sour in the end.

I am currently in my recovering phase and feel that I am not ready for any new relationship because I feel emotionally exhausted and this feeling will take some time to fade away. But this doesnt change the fact that you are a gentleman and any girl would be more than lucky to have you in her life. You possess all the qualities we girls look for and hence I would just say it is not you it’s me and I will need time to recover from my past experiences and the memories of the last relationship will stay with me for a while.

I know that you are my friend and would understand every word that I have written.


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