A Letter to Decline Lease Renewal Due to Delay in Rent Payment

Hello, “Full Name”,

I hope you are doing good and you had a good stay at our property. 

This is to notify you that your lease of the flat is expiring on “Date” and we dont plan to extend it further due to inappropriate behaviors and regular delay in rent payment. Though initially, we planned to move ahead with you I feel that in the longer-term it will be a loss for us and hence we would have to let you go.

You are needed to abandon the property on your last day of the tenure time frame. The lease understanding states that the property must be made into a similar condition upon move-in. Furthermore, all keys, fans, and different gadgets provided on entering the house will be kept back and no damage should be done to them. 

Do let us know your date of leaving so that an inspection of the house will be done to verify the condition of the flat. In the event that any harm is found on the property, it will be deducted from the security store as per State law. 

Proprietor’s Name:

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