Decline Job Transfer Due to Project Commitments Letter Template

If you want to decline a job transfer due to project commitments then you must have to write a declination letter to the authority to confirm your decision. Now while writing this letter it’s quite tough to add effective words and a proper format while writing your points.

Now to help you in this situation we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic. Just follow our below sample letters and complete your letter with a proper format.

Letter Template: 1

Hello “Manager’s name”,

Much obliged to you for offering me the transfer and promotion of senior software engineer at “organization-name”. After assessing the offer, considering the group you gathered, and the specialized and budgetary opportunity, I turned down other transfer offers fully.

You presented a wonderful opportunity to work with capable individuals on a project bound to have a great effect on the market. Unfortunately, with an unexpected change in the project here I won’t be able to pick up this offer.

As you know that I have been working with this client for a long time would be willing the finish this project before moving out to the new roles and responsibilities in the new branch.

My dedication here will be for at least a half year, so I trust we can stay in contact, and perhaps a future opportunity will arise. I will send you my email address when they give me one.

Great organizations with spectacular opportunities are hard to track down. I realize I would appreciate working in the new office soon. 

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