Decline a Job Transfer Due to Bad Health of Parents Letter

When you are employed in an organization, you work hard, do your best and see to it that your company never gets a chance to complain.

It may so happen that your company being happy with your continuous great performances decides to give you a job transfer, promoting you in the process.

But due to a grave issue like the bad health of your parents you have no other choice but to decline it. Writing such a letter needs you to use words carefully and in order to help you with this I have come up with a good sample letter, seeing which you will be able to frame yours without any issue.

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Dear ” Full Name”, 

Regarding the Board’s offer of promotion and transfer to “City Name”, I should respectfully decline. This isn’t on the grounds that I don’t need the promotion. Who might not have any desire to have a house and car? I decline on the grounds that the circumstance in my family doesn’t permit me to move to a remote location presently. 

The problem is that my significant other’s mother is staying with us and she needs regular clinical treatment at the Hospital. As my better half is an alone kid, her recently bereft mother is forced to remain with us. I can’t risk moving my mother-in-law down to 

“New place” where she would be expected to adapt in accordance with new conditions. In her debilitated expression, the stress may prove to a lot. 

I recommend you get another person to deal with the problem. I am sorry for not having the option to take up the offer however I appreciate your confidence in me. 

Much obliged to you. 

Yours Sincerely 

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