Decline Interview Due to Ph.D. Plans Letter Template

Sometimes you have an interest in higher studies except doing some job. Now if you have got an interview offer and want to decline is due to your Ph.D. Plans then you must have to inform the authority who gives you such offer.

Here it sometimes becomes tough to frame your letter in a well-oriented and clear way. Now we are here to help you in this situation. We have provided some letters for you regarding this topic.

Letter Template: 1

Dear Name:

I’m overwhelmed with this email inviting me for the interview for the role of “Role name”. Though I will have to reject this interview offer as I have decided to pursue my Ph.D. instead of taking up a job.

As you must be knowing through my resume that I have a perspective of research and I am willing to do find a solution through it hence I would like to withdraw my application from this process. 

Though I must say that yours have been one of the most sought-after organizations for freshers because of the steep learning curve and of course for the facilities that you provide to your employees.

I do have a friend who is looking for jobs, so if you re willing I can share their contacts so that you get a person with the right capabilities for your role.

Hope our paths do cross somewhere in the future.


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