Increase in Rent Decline Letter Template

If you want to decline the increase in rent due to business loss, then you must have to write a letter to the respective person. Here it’s important to express your points with some effective words and also with a proper format.

Now if you have faced any kind of problems while writing your letter we are here to help you. Here we have already provided some sample letters regarding a letter to decline an increase in rent due to business loss.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the landlord) sir,

I am writing this letter regarding the renewal and the decline of increased rent this year. I know I have promised you to pay you an increased rent this year but because of the robbery that happened to my business place, I want to request you not to increase the rent for this year.

I almost lost everything because of the robbery that happened last month. I have always paid you the rent amount always on time with the increase in rent every year.

I always keep my apartment and surrounding areas clean, but because of the losses that I have suffered last month my financial situation is now very critical. I promise you to always pay the rent on time but in favor I want you to understand my condition and help me to get over and move on from this hard time.

Till the time I am recovering from my financial situation, I will not be able to pay the increased rent. 

You have always been a good person and landlord. I love my apartment and I really would like to continue renting it. I also know all the tenants who live here and they are now good friends of mine. I don’t want to lose this apartment. please understand my concern and accept my request only for this year only.

I am eagerly waiting for a  positive reply from your side. I am also thankful to you for taking care of me as your family. whatever your decision will be I will be forever for your love and care. 

yours sincerely

(name of the person)

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