A Letter To Congratulate For The Teacher Of The Year



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Subject: Congratulation for teacher of the year

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I on behalf of our whole institution would like to congratulate you on being the best teacher of the year. Your teaching has been exceptionally good and is liked by most of the students of the institution. The results of this year in your subject also proves the fact that students are taking more interest in a difficult subject like physics because of your teaching. 

I would like to say that it is all your effort and hard work that has resulted in this achievement of yours. Your way of teaching and managing the class, and the strategies you apply to get the students involved in the discussions are some of the major positives that every teacher should learn from you.

I believe you are currently the kind of teacher everyone is interested to learn from. I hope you are happy after this achievement of yours. I have seen your work so very hard from the beginning of your career and now that you have achieved this lovely achievement, it makes me feel so good. 

Over the years I have also learned a lot from you. I would like to congratulate you again on these massive achievements and I am so happy for you.        

Yours truly,


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