A Letter To Congratulate On College Graduation

From (name)

Date: [date]

To (name)

Subject: Congratulations on college graduation

Dear [name],

It is our …………..(name of the sender) pleasure to congratulate you for completing your degree. You have always met the requirements for being an outstanding student. You have truly proved yourself to be a bright student and also have actively enrolled yourself in various co-curricular activities during these past few years. It is your hard work and passion which has made it possible for you to complete your degree successfully. Your behaviour towards your fellow students and your professors was amiable.

Your hard work and your dedication is surely an inspiration to all the younger students. You have set an example of excellence before all your classmates. Students like you are one of the main reasons behind the success of our institution. The path after this is vast and there is a whole new world for you out there. We advice you to be fearless and to give your best in all the upcoming phases of your life. We are proud of your achievement and we expect you to continue your hard work with all your integrity and passion in your future years. We once again congratulate you on completing your college degree and we wish you all the best for your future.

Yours Truly,


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