A Letter To Congratulate To The New CEO

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Sub:  Congratulate To The New CEO

Dear [Applicant’s Name],

It’s a great pleasure to know your much deserving promotion as the CEO. Allow me to express my joy through this heartiest congratulatory note to honour your excellence as a natural-born leader.

Being a witness to your eventful and outstanding journey from an employee to a CEO is an inspiration to many who believes in hard work. Your contribution to the growth of this organization proves once again that there are no shortcuts to achieve greater heights. I have always known you as someone who is not only a dreamer but a doer, which is the ultimate key to wish fulfilment. I am also equally grateful to the Board of Directors for making such a wise decision in selecting the perfect shoulder to bear the enormous responsibilities of this honourable position. Your selection has unfolded future opportunities not only for the organization but also for the employees and the new joiners. 

The news of this hard-earned promotion did not surprise me at all. I always knew that someday you are going to make it big based on your brilliant performances and leadership skills. This is the day to celebrate your life king-size, and I am sure you are destined for more such achievements in the upcoming days. I am congratulating in advance for your journey ahead that will only add more feather of accomplishments to your crown.

Best Wishes,

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