A Letter To Congratulate On Getting Distinction

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Subject: Congratulating on getting distinction

Dear [Name of recipient],

I am writing this letter with utmost love and care to congratulate you on getting a higher distinction on your final year examination. We know how much you’ve worked hard and how dedicated you are to your work.

Our college takes pride in student’s success and has been a constant performer in academics. Am sure you have witnessed all the support and help of the faculty members of our esteemed universities. The University always looks upon the best way of communication between the students and the faculty, and this vital secret has resulted in bringing numerous examples of success for the University. Indeed, there is no alternative for hard work, and it is the hard work and true spirit of students which brings remarkable results. I along with my family would like to congratulate you for this achievement. We want to encourage you to stay on this road and pursue all your dreams and goals. You’ve become an inspiration to many.

This success is just the beginning of the road; we would like you to continue giving this outstanding performance for our University. The college is always there to provide you with full support and assistance. We expect to hear more such news from your side in future. 

Congratulations on your achievement once again.

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

Thank you

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