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A Letter To Congratulate For A New Position

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Subject: Letter of congratulations a new position

Dear [name of employee],

We congratulate you on your recent promotion as the [name of position] of [name of company]. We are proud of your achievement and we are absolutely sure that you will do great in your new position in the firm.

Your untiring efforts and your continuous work performance even makes this huge milestone in your career look very less remarkable as compared to your works. Accept this just as a little effort to honour for all that you do for us. Whether the company has put you into team works or whether be it your individual tasks, you have always outshone everybody with your unmatchable foresight. It has brought huge success for the company. That is just another reason which takes the strongest stand for the fact that you deserve the promotion more than any one else. The amount of hard work you did for this company shows the talent you have in your self. This promotion was truly deserving.

It is with the most sincere of hopes that the company will grow even more efficiently under your leadership and skills. We hereby congratulate you for this success for yours. May this boost your enthusiasm to some level and may lead towards the success and upliftment of you, which will surely bring laurel to [name of the company]. 



(Name of Officer)


(Company Name) 

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