A Letter To Congratulate For Friend’s Marriage



Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)



Subject: Congratulations on your marriage

Dear _____(couple’s name),

Many many congratulations for this auspicious event of your life. A big start and a beautiful journey are waiting for both of you. I wish this journey of yours will be filled with lots of happiness and love. May you both have a blessed future ahead. 

Marriage is indeed the best part of everyone’s life. Now hopefully your future will be more comfortable as now you have got someone to be with you and support you at every stage of your life. It feels lovely to have someone to share our experience with. Now finally, you have got yourself that someone.

Marriage is all about a beautiful and sweet bond between two souls who decide to live for each other. It’s a bond full of purity, love, care and lots of respect for each other. Marriage brings a whole new perspective to one’s self as we get someone to share our ideas with. I hope you both find a way to overcome all the difficult and challenging situations and help each other to become better and better every day. 

I am very happy for both of you. Once again, with best wishes, I congratulate you both and all the very best for your future.

Yours Truly,


(Name of the Sender)

Sign of the Sender 

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