Appointment Congratulation Letter Template

On behalf of your company or organization if you have to congratulate any other company for getting the appointment with your company, then you have to write a letter to deliver your message properly.

Here while writing this letter you must have to mention the reason for this appointment, you can also tell them to send a copy of there presentation along with the case study material. Here we have included all these points in our sample letters.

Letter Template: 1

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Subject:- Congratulating for Appointment

Dear [ Name of Applicant]

At this moment, on behalf of my organization, I would like to congratulate the whole team of the management team of your company for being able to receive our appointment for being our wholesale retailer for this year.

It was great to study your companies point of view of our case studies, and we are hopeful that your company is the one that can make the best use of our goods and services. I would request you to send us a copy of your presentation alongside all the case study materials that you have referred to for being appointed.

It gives us immense pleasure to provide your company with this appointment. 

I am hopeful that this year would be the best year for your company. It’s been a long we were searching for a wholesale retailer company to be our business partner, and know that your company has received the appointment, I wish all the best to all your staff members. I am thrilled to have your company as a part of our organization.

For any queries, you can directly contact our management team. It’s great to have you as our partners; I would like to congratulate your company for this success.  

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)  

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