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A Letter To Congratulate For Appointment Of Job

[Your Name]

[Your company]


[Your address]

Subject: Congratulatory letter by HR department for joining [role name] in [company name]

Dear [Name of Applicant]

 We [company name] feel immense pleasure and happiness to welcome you on board for the role of [name of position]. We are thrilled to have you onboard and look forward to joining us from the effective date [Date].

The salary would be the same as discussed during the interview. Your office timing would be from _____ to ______ as you are expected to provide -_______ hours per week. We hope you will help our organization to reach new heights with your skills and hard work. There will be a training period for _____ months after you which you will be able to work independently. 

On the date of the joining, please don’t forget to carry all the essential documents such as identity card. We have no dress code so feel free to dress up in your best but decent attire. If you have any questions related to your CTC or role, feel free to reach us in the mentioned details. 

Indeed, it was your hard work and dedication, which had lend you this role in our esteemed organization. Looking forward to your joining and to find what future holds for us. We [company name] promise our further support required during onboarding. Once again, congratulations and welcome for being a part of our extended family of [company name].

Yours faithfully

HR Department

[Company name]

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