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A Letter To Congratulate For Best Performance

Date :

Subject: Letter of appreciation

Dear (name of employee),

Congratulations on this new venture of yours. I on behalf of the entire team of [name of company]. We are so proud that your efforts and hard work finally brought glory to you. The way you devoted all of your skills and devotion deserves a lot of acknowledgement and appreciation. Your sharp intellect and drive turned out to be a robust morale boost to the company.

You displayed much quality and skills, thereby we were much confident about your recruitment, and you have never disappointed us. Ever since you have joined hands with us, we have been growing phenomenally along with your success. No one in your place could have managed to take up such challenging tasks and in turn, propose such fruitful results. You were such a gem to us that whichever task you undertook; it just relieved all of us such that if you have launched it, we need not worry for it to shine out among the most worthwhile projects.  

We congratulate you once again on this significant occasion. You deserve even more than this. Hard work always pays off. We hope you will continue to put your dedicated efforts and skills in future in the same way. I wish you lots of success.

Success is a never-ending process. It will yield you as much effort you put towards it. 



(Name of Officer)


(Company Name)


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