A Letter To Congratulate For Appointed As President

Date :

Subject: Congratulation on appointment


We are happy and proud to say that you have been appointed as the president of [name of company]. We are pleased to inform you that the board of member council has granted your promotion and you shall take charge from [date] up to [date] for a term up to 5 consecutive years. 

Your government and you, as the president of your entire team, has a strong mandate and parliamentary support. All of us are strongly confident and are in support of you. Your skill and ability will bring much glory to [name of company]. Under your leadership, we hope for the best rays of fruitful outcome for our company.

To greet you with some positive energy, we have arranged a felicitation ceremony of the eve of [date] at [name] from [time] onwards. We ask for your gracious presence and to accept this little endeavour from us wholeheartedly. 

Board of Member Council has seen you exercise great potential and your selfless efforts for the betterment of the company. We all accept you as the president of [name of company] in charge. This is a little honour to appreciate all you have done for the company. We have grown tremendously under your supervision and now with you leading us, we can see a lot more coming our way.



(Name of Officer)


(Company Name) 

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