A Letter To Congratulate On Achieving Sales Target


Date: _____ 


Subject: Congratulation for achieving sales target 

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I was a brand ambassador of our brand would like to take this moment to congratulate your company and it’s staff members for reaching the sales target. It gives us absolute pleasure to tell that it was completely the passion and dedication of all the staff that has resulted in such success of your company. 

I would like to offer all your staff a bonus from our brand for making this tough challenge possible. I have seen all of them working and without any doubt, it was proper planning and execution of those plans that have resulted in such success.

I know it must have been difficult as in the beginning the workload was too high and within these short duration of time, it was always going to be difficult. It is no doubt because of the hard work of all your support staff and including yourself that has resulted in such success. I hope you would continue to achieve more sales targets and would make us more proud. 

I would again like to congratulate every member of their focus and determination towards reaching the target and it feels so good that you all could make this possible.

Yours Truly,


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