A Letter to Complaint for Bad Behaviour towards Neighbour

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to you to complain about my neighbour.

For the past few weeks, my neighbour has been holding  late night parties  which are  very disruptive for me and our other neighbours. There is plenty of loud and wild music lasting throughout the night till morning. It would not be any problem if it would be some common noise like television sound or any music etc. But I just can’t bear with her wild party. Noisy neighbour like her often complicates all our quiet evening at home or while we are watching a movie or doing some sensitive work or study. 

Before writing this formally to you I have warned her not to make so much of sound while partying late. Though I do not have any problem with her party but the noise is disturbing. But even after alerting her, noise keeps going on, sometimes even louder than previous days. As you know, I and our neighbours have kids who go to school and we also have jobs in the morning, so events like these have affected us considerably. 

Previous attempts to resolve the issue have failed and as this case directly affects me therefore, it is the high time to take serious action against it. 

We hope you review this situation and resolve it with all of us in the building.

If you need to contact me to discuss more about this, please call. I appreciate your attention on this matter.


[Sender name]

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